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Furniture removals in Perth can be totally unsparing. Without going into any dilemma , we all can accept the fact that packing and moving furniture is the most crucial task among all others while moving into a new place. And also placing them in the right and best way possible is challenging too. Packing your furniture well means protecting your large valuable pieces against accidental damage during transport.

In general, furniture pieces turn out to be tricky to protect for a move due to their enormous size and substantial weight. To make things even more complicated than they need to be during your house move, some of the furniture items you own will be rather fragile and delicate, with large exposed surfaces that are very prone to scratches, dents, chips, and other types of damage.

If you are residing in Perth, then Hiring top-rated professional furniture movers in Perth, still remains your best option when it comes to packing your furniture safely and efficiently. However, for a number of reasons, you may wish to pack most or all your furniture pieces without any assistance from the pros.

OZZIEE MOVERS stand the most reputed furniture removalists in Perth. We are totally reliable and trustworthy. You can hear the most honest reviews from our customers on our website too. Any other local Perth furniture removalists might put you in a dilemma but we don't do that. OZZIEE MOVERS ought to completely gratify their customers and help them go through a peaceful relocating experience.

But why should you choose us?

OZZIEE MOVERS are very well aware of the safety measures to be taken. Our employees are highly skilled and experienced to make sure your goods are completely safeguarded. Customer safety and their satisfaction stands as our foremost priorities.

The following tips will show you the best way to protect your furniture when moving – all the things you should do to make sure your expensive and valuable items survive the relocation without any damage whatsoever.

❖ Make an inspection to make yourself knowledgeable of how worn out your goods are. Do inspect all your furniture items for any signs of damage prior to packing them up, then mark down any important information into the furniture inventory list. This initial inspection will help you make up your mind which pieces to move with you and which pieces not to move with you.

❖ Focus on creating a detailed list of all the furniture in your home. The inventory checklist will help you decide which furniture items to take with you and which ones to just leave behind to be sold, gifted to friends, or donated to charity.

❖ Put some effort and clean your furniture pieces before packing them for moving. And while you don't need to overdo the cleaning task, you want to make sure the items are free of dust, dirt or any coarse particles that may damage the delicate surface of some of the more delicate pieces. Use a duster or a soft cloth for the task.

❖ Do disassemble the furniture items that happen to be too big to fit safely through some of the tighter and smaller openings in your home. Do consult the construction manuals of the larger and more complex furniture pieces that you are about to take apart for safe packing and transport. If you’re not sure how to complete the partial or full disassembly of your furniture, then consider asking a friend who knows what to do or getting in touch with furniture movers to give you a hand.

❖ Try investing in proper and useful packing utilities. USE bubble wrap to protect the more fragile components of your furniture – easily breakable things such as protruding parts or ornaments. Bubble wrap offers the extra protection you need, especially when it comes to packing antique furniture for a move.

❖ Do keep all small fastening elements you’ve removed from your furniture during the disassembly task. Place the bolts, nuts, dowels, screws, and washers into sealable plastic bags for safekeeping.

❖ Make sure to keep your legs away from all the furniture pieces. Keep the legs of your furniture pieces protected at all times. It’s best to remove them and pack them safely in a cardboard box. If that’s not an option, then wrap those legs in bubble wrap to soften any undesired impacts during the move. Be extra careful when moving around furniture with legs.

❖ Ensure to secure any parts that may open during transport – movable yet non-removable elements such as doors, panels, drawers, etc. DO USE stretch wrap or twine to make sure they stay safely closed throughout the move.

❖ Also, make sure to cover completely any exposed surfaces of your furniture pieces so that they remain protected at all times. Use thick furniture blankets for excellent protection, then tape those protective covers to keep them from unwrapping during transport.

Well , our employees are very well conscious and mindful of all the above precautionary measures. So, if you are planning for any furniture removals in north perth, you can contact OZZIEE MOVERS there too. As mentioned , customer gratification is our topmost priority. We are the movers who care.